Why Become a Blossomviller?

Blossomville offers highly enriched spaces for families and professionals to grow their efforts at creating a most vibrant community of caring for children with special needs.

Speak your mind with like-minded people

Find otherwise scattered information on treatments in this comprehensive portal and one-stop-shop

Access objective reviews of therapies, therapists, products and services

Benefit from resources such as DIY remedies, educational tools, financial assistance and respite services

Find yourself at home as you connect with fellow Blossomvillers

Contribute to a larger community of peers and families through blogs and community forums

Engage in direct and meaningful conversations with other professionals and families to formulate balanced perspectives

Access a referral system with peer endorsement to help you expand your professional network and thought leadership

Maximize opportunities to promote your expertise within your client base

Help achieve your professional development goals through meaning connections with fellow Blossomvillers

What Blossomvillers Say

  • I often felt in the dark when looking for treatment options for my son. I do not know what’s available out there and what might work for him. Therapies are very expensive and there’s no reference I could use in making my decision.

    Janice Mother
  • Running between a full-time job and care for my daughter who has global developmental delay, I am really exhausted and stressed out. I need to have an adult conversation with someone who could really understand what I’m talking about.

    Christine Mother
  • As an OT, I have access to lots of information from the medical world and the therapeutic community. I have all the medical reports, but I don’t know if they work for families and what kind of feedback families would have. This is where us professionals fall short and would hope to get more information on.

    Carol Occupational Therapist
  • Blossomville will be of huge help to many families. Some google like crazy for new information; some have equipments to get rid of; some look for new therapists; everything relating to special needs is 3 times the price and so hard to find. It is so wonderful that there are so many features for parents to have in one place.

    Jessica Physiotherapist