7 Things You Don’t Know About A Special Needs Parent


An incredibly touching article, a heart-felt reason to become a Blossomviller - to inspire and be inspired by other like-minded Blossomvillers.

"Raising a child with any disorder, condition or special need, is both a blessing and a challenge. A challenge for the obvious reasons, and a blessing because you don’t know the depths of victory and joy until you see your child overcoming some of those challenges (sometimes while smiling like a goofy bear).

Chances are that you know a special needs parent, or you may be one yourself. As a special needs parent, I often don’t share my feelings on this aspect of my life, even with my closest friends, so I decided to compile a list here with the goal of building understanding (I was largely inspired by this beautiful post, authored by another parent to a child with a chromosomal disorder). I don’t claim to speak for every special needs parent out there, but from the ones I know, some of these are pretty universal. If I’ve missed any, please leave a comment below.“

Read full article here: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/m-lin/special-needs-parenting_b_1314348.html