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Is this your first time getting assigned an expository essay?

The term expository comes from the word expose, which means that you uncover all details about a particular topic. The purpose of expository essays is to explain a topic in such a way that it becomes easier for the reader to understand. If you’re worried about the cost, ask them, “write my essay for me free?” Don’t risk your grades when help is easily available.

You investigate a topic in-depth and present authentic evidence in the form of facts and examples to support different opinions.

Here are the steps that you must follow when working on the essay:

Come up with an interesting topic

Brainstorm different ideas and decide with the one that you find the most interesting. It is important that you go with the topic that you are passionate about, as it will make the entire process easier.

Conduct research

When you’ve decided on the topic, you need to carry out research on it and gather information and evidence.

Create an outline

When writing an expository essay, start by developing an outline.

Similar to other types of essays, starting your expository essay with an outline will help make the writing process easier and more manageable. A typical essay outline consists of an introduction, thesis statement, body and concluding paragraph.


The purpose of the introduction is to both attract and educate the reader. A typical essay introduction consists of a hook sentence, background information, and a thesis statement.

A hook sentence is a motivator used to grab the reader’s attention and gets them to read further. It is an interesting piece of information about the topic presented in the form of a quote, question, statistic, anecdote, shocking revelation.

Once you grab the reader’s attention, the next step is getting them familiarized with your topic. Make sure that you don’t present too much information at this point. Just give them enough details making it easier for them to understand what the topic is about.

Lastly, end your introductory paragraph with a strong, arguable and clear thesis statement. 

Thesis statement

A thesis statement highlights the main ideas, claims and purpose of the essay. It serves as a preview about the rest of the content and gives the reader an idea of what to expect.

Since the rest of the essay is written to justify the thesis, make sure that it is clear and you have evidence to support it.


Generally, expository essays have three body paragraphs that contain the main information regarding your topic. It is important that these paragraphs discuss separate ideas and remain coherent at the same time. The essay body should work together to justify the thesis statement.

Start each body paragraph with a topic sentence. It is the opening sentence that summarizes the main ideas of that particular paragraph and helps grab the reader’s attention while informing them about the content.

The next element of the body paragraph is the supporting ideas and your opinions on it. Discuss your topic and provide strong, authentic evidence to support these ideas.

Make sure to include transitions between each paragraph as they ensure a smooth flow of ideas.


The last paragraph is a summary of the important points discussed in the essay and it is your last chance to remind the reader why your topic was worth discussing. Don’t forget to restate the thesis statement and suggest a course of action, so the reader gets a sense of closure and completeness.

Proofread and edit

The biggest mistake any student can make is submitting their essay without revising it. I understand that you are in a hurry to finish your paper and get it over with, but this is a crucial part of the writing process. Make sure to read the essay at least twice and get rid of all errors and inconsistencies.

Expository Essay Topics

Here are some topic ideas to help you get started on your paper:

Can we get rid of racism completely?

Do kids learn something useful from spending so much time playing video games?

Is Artificial Intelligence worth working on?

How can students remain healthy while living on-campus?

Why do some students decide to drop out of college?

Why is depression in students on a rise?

Describe your favorite movie and reasons why it is your favorite.

How can we stop impulsive buying?

What is the best solution for curing mental health diseases?

How can we use social media to eradicate unemployment from our society?

This was everything you needed to know about expository essays; if you are still confused or don’t have the time to finish your assignment, there’s no need to panic. Get in touch with a professional essay writer and have them assist you on your paper.