Critique of Intern Queen Blog



Intern Queen Inc. is a website and company founded by a woman named Lauren Berger, who graduated from the University of Central Florida. The main idea of the website is to provide students with helpful information about internships. Although the website is geared primarily toward students, it has information that can be helpful for parents, professors, and employers as well. You can find blog posts on international business education stats, where to look for internships, how to get accepted for internships, and how to improve your internship experience.


What makes Intern Queen great


What makes Intern Queen great is the fact that it does practically everything well. The site has a specific theme, a specific target audience, and a specific purpose. Furthermore, the site provides information and services that help students with a very relevant aspect of student life: internships. The website has an intuitive design that is far from the generic, template style designs that you find on many other blog sites. The site also does a good job, his explanation about providing up-to-date information, such as the latest internships, that entice visitors to return to the site. Finally, the blog doesn’t try to tackle too many topics at once. The scope of the site ensures that the target audience will get what they are looking for without having to wade through tons of other content beforehand.


Intern Queen improvements


Although Intern Queen is a great website overall, the Inter Queen blog itself can use some fixing up. Personally, I wish that they carried over the design on the main website to the blog site. Doing so would increase the integrity of the site and would greatly improve the web design and layout of the blog site, which is currently rather drab and uninteresting if not for the good content.