Having a Sibling with Special Needs: Good and Bad!


As a sibling of a child with special needs, of course I would have opinions about my sister, who is 7 years old. They may be different from the opinions of children with normal siblings, or they may be similar to the opinions of those with normal siblings.

What I Like

I like how we are able to experience different things that I wouldn’t experience otherwise. For example, we got to participate in amazing events such as Moveathons and Bikeathons organized by her old school Zareinu. Zareinu is a therapeutic school for kids with special needs. Those events were really fun. I got to bike with my sister and many other kids every time and there was always lots of fun games and activities and gifts at the end. I also got to watch my sister model at Zareinu’s Fashion Shows a couple of times. I really miss those events now that my sister does not go to Zareinu anymore.  

We made lots of new friends as well. We developed relationships with her teachers. They hug her and hug me a lot. Those are quite different from relationships with my teachers. There are also lots of people coming to our house to visit my sister, her therapists. Some of those we’ve know almost since she was born. They praise my art some times. 

What I don’t like

I don’t like how little attention I get as one thing. Whenever me and my sister disagree, she usually gets her way. 

I also don’t like the fact that she does not like to eat (she’s G-tube fed in fact). When we go to restaurants, she creates some attention to our table. When we went on the Alaska cruise over the summer, we almost never went for dinner as a family. 

Saying those doesn't mean that I don’t like my sister. It’s still great to have her in our family. What I forgot to mention earlier is one more thing that I actually really like – whenever my sister makes new progress, such as when she puts yoghurt in her mouth herself, we are all over the moon.