It Takes a Community


It takes a village to raise a typical child. It takes Blossomville to raise a child with special needs.

A wonderful article to share. "Each of these disorders has books, websites, and national organizations devoted to them. Parents often know more about the specific disorder than any individual professional involved in treating the child because they devote hours to researching out all available information. The Internet has made much more available including the ability to contact other parents with similar concerns. Yet, as I recently listened to a group of such parents share their pain and frustration, I could hear some common issues being expressed repeatedly: the need for parental support systems, the reality that in many situations nothing really works to resolve the challenges their children present, the lack of social opportunities for their children, the impact on marriage, the impact on siblings, and fears about the future.


It Takes a Community

This overused phrase really belongs here. Virtually every key issue is about isolation, about families and the children with special needs finding places where they are welcomed and are given the support they need. Along the way we hope there will be new forms of treatments that will enhance the mental, emotional, and social growth of these children. In the meantime, communities need to make it easier for these families to feel that others care and that they really do belong despite having a child whom is different in some significant way.“

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