Our Story


Hello. I am twelve years old and I am the oldest of two children in my family. However, my sister isn’t exactly the normal sibling: in fact she has special needs. I do not remember much about how she was born, but I remember some heartbreaking details about her birth. One, right after she was born, she was transferred to SickKids Hospital for a heart surgery. Next she had another surgery to have a G-tube inserted because she wasn’t eating enough. Right at birth the doctors predicted that she would never be able to sit or walk.

However, good news is that she proved the doctors wrong. She was able to sit and she could stand up if she supported her weight against the wall when she was one. At two and a half, she was able to walk on her own. And believe me, she could do much more than just those. She is now biking, scootering, jumping on her trampoline, and even driving a plasmacar!

My sister is also very social. She loves to say hi to everyone. We even nicknamed her Miss Hi-Hi.

I am proud to have a sibling like my sister. One day she will be as normal as a normal child. I am very grateful for having her in our family.

In the next little while, I am going to tell you more about our story. Our trips together, what we enjoy playing, songs that my sister loves but I hate, etc. See you again soon!