Ring The Bell


When I approach a new clients house many things swirl through my head. Things like bill payments, unfinished tasks, family and social life. The interview process being what it was, now the real scrutiny begins. From this point onward on every thought, word, and decision must be analyzed before it makes its way out of my mind. Now the real interview begins.

Each time I approach the door to my client’s house I take a breath. It’s a long slow breath. It clears my mind. It’s an old practice I picked up from when I first started. For me it signifies the end of my concerns and the beginning of my professional concerns, namely my client. It allows my mind to be open and fully aware to what I am about to take on. Working on and changing a person is a responsibility that I cannot take lightly. Yes, I will be working with a child or young individual who likely wants to see me and hang out for a bit but I am also taking part in shaping a human being’s behaviour and potentially effecting their personality.

So I take my breath, recall my last session with that client, compose myself, forget all my personal worries or distractions, and ring the bell…

Across the coming weeks and months I would like to invite you to read my thoughts and concerns as I travel into this imaginary home. I will begin to work with this family, meet my client,assess abilities, and navigate conversations of collaboration. I will present concerns and considerations that in some cases will be backed with studies of sometimes whole schools of thought I would like to invite you to read what its like for me, a therapist entering a home and beginning work with a new client and their family.