Stellar OST To PST Converter Tool [Best OST To PST Converter Online]


Trusted by Microsoft MVPs and IT administrators, Stellar OST To PST Converter Tool is a highly powerful software, designed sophistically to convert the inaccessible OST file into PST file and then extract the mailbox data.

Packed with powerful algorithmic skills, the tool very effortlessly converts OST to PST and extracts the emails, attachments, contacts, and calendars.

Stellar OST To PST Converter Software is compatible with all the Outlook versions, say Outlook 2019, 2016, 2013, 2010 and older versions.

Comprehensive Features of Stellar OST To PST Converter Tool

Here below salient features of Stellar OST To PST Converter Tool…

Converts the Large-Sized OST File

This Stellar tool very easily and quickly converts the very large-sized OST files. It can convert the large OST files in situations when Microsoft Outlook or Exchange Server gets crashed or encounter a disaster. Or Outlook encounters some synchronization issues.

Extracts all the Mailbox Items

Stellar OST To PST Converter Online extracts the emails, attachments, calendars, contacts, tasks, notes, journals and etc. Moreover, it can also extract the deleted mail items from an offline data file (OST).

Stellar OST To PST Converter is just the best solution for situations when users need to move the OST  file to PST and extract the mailbox data from the OST file.

Previews the Complete Mailbox Data

The tool furnishes users with a detailed preview of the mailbox items stored in the converted OST file.

Here the user can click a folder, email, calendar, or the other mailbox items listed in the preview pane to view its contents.

This Preview feature helps users in identifying and extracting the specific items from the offline data file (OST).

Converts the Encrypted OST File

A user might encounter an error while trying to open up an encrypted or locked OST file… leading to loss of access to the mailbox data.

Converting the encrypted or locked OST file to a PST file can solve this issue.

The OST To PST Converter Tool converts the encrypted OST to PST, hence… enabling access to the mailbox data.

Converts the OST into Multiple File Formats

This Stellar tool allows the user to extract the mailbox data in different file formats like PST, MSG, RTF, HTML or PDF.

This feature furnishes the users with option to view the mailbox contents in applications like Outlook, web browser, text reader, PDF reader and etc.

Sort or Organizes the Messages

The tool extracts the mailbox data in an organized manner while maintaining the original arrangements of mail items.

Once done with the OST scanning, the tool allows sorting and organizing emails by Date, From, To, Subject, Type, Attachment, Importance and etc.

Free OST To PST Converter

Stellar OST To PST Converter Tool is available in a FREE version… With this Free version, OST to PST conversion can get done free of cost and the user can extract 20 emails per folder.

Use this Free Unlimited OST To PST Converter to scan the OST file.

Once done with scanning of the Outlook OST file, the converted OST file can get previewed. After this, the user can extract the mail items in a PST, via clicking the ‘Save Converted File’ button.

Converts Multiple OST Files in a Batch

The tool does include the potential of converting multiple OST files into PST via a single batch process.

This feature is beneficial when it's about moving an organization to a new email service and there is a requirement to extract mailbox data from various OST files.

This Batch conversion feature is available in Stellar OST To PST Converter Technical Edition.

Exports the OST Data to Office 365

The Stellar OST to PST Converter Tool can directly export the OST To PST converted files to Office 365.

The tool allows the users to login to an Office 365 account and then export the mailboxes directly via its interface. This feature is available in the Technician edition of Stellar OST To PST Converter Tool.

How To Get Stellar OST To PST Converter License Key

You can get Stellar OST to PST Converter license key via downloading it from its official website.

Actually, when you download this A stellar tool from its official website, you are provided with a license key… Further, when you move with the tool’s installation procedure… you are required to put this license key. After this only, Stellar OST To PST Converter Tool gets installed in your PC and starts working.

Stellar OST To PST Converter Crack

Stellar OST To PST Converter Crack is a version of this tool that is not by its official developer. In this crack version, all the premium features are made accessible to the users at FREE of cost. This is the reason it initially appears lucrative… nonetheless, one should not go for it… since as a matter of fact, this crack version actually comes bundled with several malicious programs, which onto being installed in the system, posed numerous dangerous threats in the system.

So, its always a bad idea to go for Stellar OST To PST Converter Crack.

Hence, ends up all about Stellar OST To PST Converter Tool.

Hopefully, now you guys are clear on what this tool is actually… Moreover, about Stellar OST To PST Converter License Key or Stellar Converter for OST 10 Activation key.

The same sort of blog will be updated in future…

So, stay tuned…!!