TestoGen vs TestRX – Which One The #1 T-Booster On The Market?


The mention of the word testosterone usually conjures up the image of a well-toned muscular athlete who is at the prime of his sport.

But what is it?

Testosterone is a steroid hormone that is synthesized in the gonads (testes) of males. It is responsible for the growth of secondary sexual characteristics in males.

Testosterone boosters work by activating the hormones responsible for testosterone production in the body, while simultaneously inhibiting the conversion of the body’s testosterone to estrogen

Over the years, with advancements in science and technology, a countless number of testosterone boosters have been designed.

These products have been a market and pushed as the cure to this prevailing condition.

Today, we’re going to write a comparison review of the best testosterone booster TestoGen vs TestRX.


TestoGen vs TestRX

TestoGen and TestRX presents the fight of two stunning testosterone booster claiming to stack up muscle, improve masculinity, enhance physical performance, and speed up recovery.

Here, for the point comparison between TestoGen vs TestRX, let’s take a look at a detailed overview.


#1: TestoGen

TestoGen is a natural supplement known to increase testosterone levels in men. It is produced by Wolfson Berg Ltd, a company based in Cyprus and the UK.

This T-Booster has the most natural ingredients. The brand is highly reliable and is available in the form of capsules.

You will notice a substantial difference in muscle gain in only two weeks. As a TestoGen results, you’ll experience quick muscle repair and a massive boost in testosterone levels.


What Does TestoGen Offer?

·       Raises the body’s level of testosterone

·       Reverse poor muscle tone and loss of stamina

·       Enhances physical endurance

·       Improvement in muscle size

·       Limits the feeling of tiredness and fatigue

·       Sharpens mental concentration and focus


TestoGen Ingredients

All these components are scientifically proven to raise the body’s testosterone levels. Take a look at these ingredients:

  • ·       Bioperine
  • ·       Zinc
  • ·       Vitamin B6
  • ·       Red Ginseng Extract
  • ·       Fenugreek Extract
  • ·       D-aspartic acid
  • ·       Vitamin K1
  • ·       Vitamin D
  • ·       Nettle leaf Extract
  • ·       Boron
  • ·       Magnesium


TestoGen Side Effects

TestoGen comes with a unique composition with the most effective and powerful ingredients which gets you immediate results.

However, none of the TestoGen ingredients have been previously reported for side effects.

Hence, the risks are lesser when using the T-boosting formula. So, you can use the testosterone supplement without any worries.


#2: TestRX

Another top-notch testosterone enhancement solution is TestRX. It is a natural testosterone booster product from Leading Edge Health.

This natural bodybuilding supplement that helps in boosting testosterone and, in turn, stacking lean muscle mass.

The formula combines various vitamins, amino acids, and minerals to boost the male hormone. It is 100% natural and effective to boost up your testosterone levels.

Many TestRX Results users also report significantly increase stamina within the first week.


What Does TestRX Offer?

·       Boosting testosterone level very fast

·       It makes you active and energetic

·       Builds muscle mass and strong stamina

·       Improves overall male performance

·       Changes mood and helps to remain fresh

·       Strengthens bones


TestRX Ingredients:

The supplements contain some potent ingredients known for boosting the male hormone and other benefits. Take a look at these ingredients:

  • ·       ZMA
  • ·       Vitamin D3
  • ·       Vitamin K2
  • ·       Vitamin B6
  • ·       Magnesium
  • ·       Zinc
  • ·       Fenugreek seed extract
  • ·       D-aspartic acid


TestRX Side Effects

TestRX has strong ingredients composition which gets you immense benefits. However, the formula hasn’t been upgraded for long by the manufacturer.

That’s why TestRX side effects are encountered among TestRX Reviews users from time to time such as:

  • ·       Headaches
  • ·       Bloating
  • ·       Stomach upsets
  • ·       Diarrhea
  • ·       Nausea

Well, these are very mild side effects that fade away by using the testosterone booster for a couple of weeks.



TestRX vs TestoGen would help you get the best body you would want to achieve. However, both these supplements are effective to help you in bodybuilding

With highly refined and selective ingredients, the T-booster encompasses a very sound formula delivering stunning results.

Not only does that reflect in the higher testosterone level, but the transformation in your body.