What is Your Philosophy of Special Needs?


We Blossomvillers believe diagnoses are important but irrelevant when it comes to challenges, therapies and treatments, views and philosophies. Despite what the labels may say, our journeys are similar and have a lot to learn from each other.

That’s why we recommend Kacie Buzzard’s “My Philosophy of Autism”. A few highlights:

  • I never anticipated that autism would be part of my life’s journey but I love my tour guide.
  • Caroline’s happiness is not enough, she deserves to feel accomplished and challenged by things in life beyond her autism.
  • Autism is a family condition in that it impacts every member of the family.
  • She is my hero, not because she has autism but because of how she handles it – with a smile of her face and a joke on her Novachat.

Read full article here: http://failure2thrive.com/2015/…/10/my-philosophy-of-autism/