Growing up Autistic

And the Challenges and Advantages It Afforded Me

Today, I have the rather unenviable task of talking about myself. I’m not very good at it. I tend to think my life is pretty boring, and don’t know why anyone would want to hear about it. But the fact of…

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Stimming: What it Is and Why You Should Understand it Better

Image by autistic artist Miss Luna Rose. Check out more of her art at

Stimming, or self-stimulatory-behavior, is a very common trait found in many autistic people of all ages and genders, both verbal and nonverbal (though not every single autistic person necessarily stims, and you don’t…

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Having a Sibling with Special Needs: Good and Bad!

As a sibling of a child with special needs, of course I would have opinions about my sister, who is 7 years old. They may be different from the opinions of children with normal siblings, or they may be similar to the opinions of those with normal siblings.


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Our Story

Hello. I am twelve years old and I am the oldest of two children in my family. However, my sister isn’t exactly the normal sibling: in fact she has special needs. I do not remember much about how she was born, but I remember some heartbreaking details about her birth…

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I Wonder

When our children ask questions, we would like to offer answers, don’t we? I usually try to come up with the correct answers, but lately I find myself short of those, not to mention good ones.

The other day after dinner, it was getting dark and windy. The clouds…

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The Best Gift from Our Special Needs Children — Thankfulness

On Thanksgiving 2016, was launched, which also marks our first Medium blog. is the brainchild of us three moms living in Ontario, Canada. Our shared experiences of helping our children achieve the best potential medically and developmentally, as well as becoming better versions of ourselves, led us to…

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Ring The Bell

When I approach a new clients house many things swirl through my head. Things like bill payments, unfinished tasks, family and social life. The interview process being what it was, now the real scrutiny begins. From this point onward on every thought, word, and decision must be analyzed before it…

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Coming to terms with illness

We'd like to recommend a blog from a friend and a blossomviller, because she articulated eloquently the experiences and growth many of us have experienced.

“This can’t be happening”  

“This happens to other people”  

“Why me?”  

These were just some of the thoughts that went through my

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