DIY Home Remedies Series - Home Remedy Helped Relieve Constipation and Reflux

My son has severe reflux and constipation issues ever since he was born. Over the years, we tried prescription drugs, over-the- counter laxatives, suppositories, fibre supplements, prunes, etc, which had either caused laxative dependency or just didn’t work at all. Then I came across the following remedy which helped my…

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DIY Home Remedies Series - Measuring Tapes to Help Develop Pincer Grasps

What is it for? To help develop pincer grasps

How to use it? Show your little one how fun it is to pull a measuring tape out and then let it go back by itself. Then, hand over hand to help your child use a pincer grasp to pull…

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DIY Home Remedies Series - Light Switchers – Peter Pointer’s Best Friends

What is it for? To help the little ones learn to use their index fingers

How to use it? Pick up your little one, hand over hand using index finger to touch the switch and say on and off (while folding the other four fingers). The littles ones are…

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