Blue Veil Charity / Sara Elizabeth Centre

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Vaughan, Ontario, Canada

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Sara Elizabeth Centre: Where Everyone Shines Like A Star

Our Centre is designed to support the social inclusion of children, youth and young adults who have developmental and/or physical disabilities by offering educational arts based programs. A Board of Directors including community members and parents govern it.

Eight years ago Blue Veil was formed. Today it continues to operate as a registered non-profit charity providing numerous youth programs at our location situated in Vaughan, called Sara Elizabeth Centre. Our Centre is a place where youth of all abilities in particular young adults who have developmental and/or physical challenges come to participate in various programs that promotes unity, love, hope and gives everyone an opportunity to shine like stars! This vision was planted in the heart of the founder Cris Smith unknowingly 16 years ago when she gave birth to Sara Elizabeth her 8th child who only survived 26 days. Sara was born with many abnormalities, which had she survived would have left her multiple disabilities. It was through this birth and death experience that led Cris on a journey of hope and a mission in which she and her family proudly come to see fruition.

It has opened the door for youth to come together in an environment where not only can they make a difference but where differences don’t matter. Through the various programs we offer, our youth are able to share their gifts while at the same time form lasting friendships. Our youth and their families feel connected in the community and experience a special kind of gift from the heart, which can only be described as love! Sara Elizabeth came and left so soon but the legacy she leaves behind in this work we are all being called to, is something that can only be described as AMAZING!


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