Ester Fink

Cuevas Medek Exercises (CME), Physical Therapy (PT)

The Canadian MEDEK Centre

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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    2016-10-10 by KK

When my daughter's diagnosis came, we were told that she'd probably not be able to sit up or walk. In the darkest months after, I happened to meet another mom at SickKids hospital and she said I should go see Ester. So we went. The first visit, after working with my daughter for a bit, she told me that she could help us. That meant the whole world to us. My daughter was about 1 year old when we went to see Ester the first time. She started to walk independently when she was three. I would say to any parents who are doubtful about your child's gross motor development, go see Ester as early as possible.

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