Field of Dreams Baseball Camp

Special Needs Camp

York Region, Ontario, Canada

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FOD's "Skill Development Program" in Collaboration with Occupational Therapists, for Children with Special Needs

It is with great excitement that we will be bringing back the "Skill Development Program" for children with special needs at the Thornhill location Field of Dreams Baseball Camp in the summer.

Children with special needs have the opportunity to participate in a special baseball program that is both designed and adapted by a team of certified Occupational Therapists and experienced baseball coaches and players.

It goes without saying that sports have a profound impact on children’s overall social, emotional and physical well-being. Children who participate in sport are afforded the opportunity to engage in meaningful social interactions while keeping physically fit. Unfortunately, there are many barriers imposed on children with special needs, preventing them from participation in sports and organized activities. FOD is unique in that we offer an opportunity for children with special needs to participate in a safe environment under the direction of experienced baseball instructors and certified Occupational Therapists. Children are provided with a program that is tailored to their individual needs and skill sets in a fun and inclusive environment.

Why Baseball?

Baseball is unique in its intrinsic therapeutic nature as it has been shown to facilitate neurotypical development in a number of different domains. Through creating a modified baseball environment, participants will learn the sport’s fundamentals such as throwing, catching, swinging a bat, and proper footwork. This will help them develop hand-eye coordination and improve their motor and visual perceptual skills. Children who participate in this program will also benefit from development in their social skills and interactions.

The Skill Development Summer Camp Program

The children in our Skill Development program will be working with our incredible, experienced, and energetic Occupational Therapists, and camp counsellors, in both a small group and integrated setting: For parts of the day the participants will be working on skill development with the sport's fundamentals, and other parts they will be fully integrated with the entire camp. 

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