Julie Charette

Music Therapy

Creative Sounds Music Therapy

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Julie Charette has been working as a Music Therapist in the York Region for nearly 10 years. She currently works with dozens of classrooms, as well as many individuals with a variety of special needs.

She also has held group contracts with organizations such as the Down Syndrome Association of York Region, Autism Ontario - York Chapter, Kerry's Place Autism Services, Early Intervention Services, Community Living of Ontario, and the Children's Treatment Network.

CSMTS provides:

  • Individual Music Therapy
  • Group Music Therapy
  • Social and Sensory Music Groups in classrooms
  • Adapted piano, voice and guitar lessons
  • Birthday/event party entertainment
  • Professional Development Workshops for schools and child care centres

    2016-10-10 by Foongus Amoongus 361

    2016-10-10 by KK

My daughter has been seeing Julie since she was 2 years old now she's 7, so Julie has been an important part of her life and an important part of her development and progress. My daughter is very rhythmic and music has been her biggest motivation. Julie always got her to do things that we'd never be able to, including opening her mouth for the very first time for food (she has severe food aversion). Every time it's music time with Julie, I feel so happy because I know that my daughter will learn something new and have a good time!

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