Ontario Disability Coaltion

Child Development Specialist

Advocacy Group

Great Toronto Area, Ontario, Canada

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The Ontario Disability Coalition (ODC) is a grassroots coalition that was established in 2017 to be the voice of parents, caregivers, health service professionals and disabled individuals children and adults. Our primary goal is to advocate for health care services that a person needs to find their way towards achieving as normal a life as possible. Our secondary goal is to ensure that all publicly funded services, have minimal wait times, are fully accessible and flexible to meet the needs of all disabled individuals. We are willing to assist with policy development related to issues of children, youth and adults with disabilities. We will co-operate where possible with other organizations and advocates for individuals with disabilities. We will assist with and support the efforts of parents, caregivers and professionals to meet the needs of people with disabilities. We will preach accountability and transparency with all publicly funded or public supported health services. Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/OntarioDisabilityCoalition/ Blog: https://odcoalition.wordpress.com Twitter: @ODCoalition

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