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Real Estate Market in Guadalajara What you should know! We tell you the most important points about the rent and sale of houses and apartments in Guadalajara, one of the three best cities in Mexico. The municipalities of Guadalajara and Zapopan are the two towns in Jalisco with the largest number of inhabitants and a dynamic real estate market. The construction and real estate industry has found a great niche here. apartments for sale in Guadalajara Both the media and Inmobiliare hold annual events to update professionals in the sector on what is happening in this area, in addition to facilitating networking relationships. During the last Real Estate Business Summit in Guadalajara, it was confirmed that Jalisco has an action plan for the growth of the state that considers the real estate sector as one of the main axes In addition, opportunities to invest in properties for industrial activity, offices, rental housing and retirement housing are becoming more and more common in the entity. On the other hand, the city of Guadalajara is committed to global development trends such as mixed uses and in general, verticality, to optimize spaces and meet the needs of the population. Under this premise, sustainable urban development is also promoted with projects that integrate parks and roads with greater profitability in costs and returns on investment. If we take into account that the National Chamber of Industry and Housing Development and Promotion in Jalisco estimates that by 2019 30,000 of the 60,000 homes that the inhabitants need will be sold, then it means that there is a potential niche in residential housing. According to the Federal Mortgage Society, in 2019 the demand for credits in Jalisco was forecast at 44,481 destined for acquisition; 14,392 for improvement and self-production 3,813. Finally, the average price for a house or apartment in Guadalajara is 6 million with a cost per square meter of 34 and 35 thousand pesos, and 18 thousand pesos, in neighborhoods less close to the city center and industrial parks. houses for sale in GDL In which neighborhoods to live? Lamudi's latest market report showed that the Oblatos neighborhood and Guadalajara Centro are positioned in first and second place by offering houses with a price lower than 2 million pesos. Sky Marketing is a leading marketing company working on many real estate projects like smart city, blue world city Islamabad and development housing societies in Pakistan. They are followed by Valle Imperial and Zapopan Centro in the metropolitan area that concentrate the offer that ranges from 2.1 million pesos to 4.9 million pesos. In contrast, Providencia and Virreyes Residencial lead the range of houses for sale over 5 million pesos to 10.9 million and finally, Puerta de Hierro and Colinas de San Javier are the neighborhoods with the most expensive portfolio of houses for sale, starting at 11 million. Regarding the departments are: Atemajac del Valle and Moderna, neighborhoods with a wide range of less than 2 million pesos. Farm and American City with apartments for sale from 2.1 to 4.9 million. Country Club and Providencia have a supply of apartments ranging from 5 million to 10.9 million. Puerta de Hierro with vertical housing in more than 11 million.