Therapies and services are an integral part of ongoing treatment for many children with special needs. Treatment information, especially that of alternative therapies, is often scattered and hard to find. Yet, parents, especially those with newly diagnosed children, feel they are competing with time, knowing that early intervention is crucial.

There are treatment philosophies and solutions around the world. Some are ancient while others are more recent. Some are proven effective through clinical studies while others perform miracles for individuals. Some are available locally while others require uprooting the family and restructuring life routines.

Every child with special needs has unique challenges and requirements. To find a therapy or service most suitable for each child is a constant struggle for already anxious parents. Trial and error, although common practice, comes with a monetary cost and an opportunity cost. It is ironic that while we can rely on reviews before buying a twenty-dollar toy, we can hardly find any objective third-party reviews for therapies that cost hundreds or thousands of dollars! promises to fill that big knowledge and community gap. We strive to compile a most comprehensive list of therapies and services with objective reviews from Blossomvillers, our community members. Families and professionals must be equipped with as much available information as possible to make well-informed decisions in a timely manner.

The only way to harness a comprehensive list of therapies and services from all around the world is to rely on Blossomvillers like yourself. If you would like to review or learn more about a therapy or service that’s not currently listed here, please suggest it! You will receive an email confirmation upon your submission. Please let us know the name of the therapy or service and how you got to know about it. Once you have shared this information, our dedicated verification team will research more information from various reputable sources and compile an objective description. Then it will appear in our A-Z Therapies and Services list. We appreciate your valuable inputs.

Together, we will build a vast and reliable “Wikipedia” of therapies and services that all Blossomvillers can count on!


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