Anat Baniel Method

Anat Baniel Method

The Anat Baniel Method is a NeuroMovement, holistic approach to human functioning and action, based in the understanding that movement is the language of the brain.  Movement provides information the brain needs to grow and organize itself.  And, in return, the brain organizes all movement, thought, feelings, and action.

As the brain goes, so goes the body, and as the body goes, so goes the brain.

Movement includes not only movement of the body in space – the movement of the skeleton and muscles – but also the movement of thinking, emotion, and feelings. All action involves movement in all aspects of the self.



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I read the book. It's extremely inspiring. I still read it from time to time to remind myself of many small details that can make a big difference in helping my daughter. I seem to have the impression that it is most helpful when the child is not yet mobile. By the time we discovered the method my daughter was all over the playground already. I met parents who sang high praises of ABM to help their children learn to walk.

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