Curative Eurythmy

Curative Eurythmy

Eurythmy is a dance-like art form in which music or speech are expressed in bodily movement; specific movements correspond to particular notes or sounds. It has also been called "visible speech" or "visible song".

Eurythmy enhances coordination and strengthens the ability to listen. When children experience themselves like an orchestra and have to keep a clear relationship in space with each other, a social strengthening also results.

Curative Eurythmy is the therapeutic form of the art. It is a movement therapy which has been in use effectively since over 88 years. Besides its manifold applications in respect of acute, chronic or degenerative illnesses its therapeutic approach can also be used beneficently to strengthen one's vitality and for rehabilitation.



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Michael Chapitis Curative Eurythmy. Vaughan, Ontario, Canada
Angelika Warner Curative Eurythmy. Thornhil, Ontario, Canada