Equine-Assisted Activities and Therapy

Equine-Assisted Activities and Therapy

Equine-assisted Activities and Therapy (EAAT) encompasses a range of treatments that includes activities with horses and other equines to promote physical, occupational, and emotional growth in persons with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), anxiety, autism, cerebral palsy, dementia, depression, developmental delay, genetic syndromes (such as Down's syndrome), traumatic brain injuries, behavioral issues, abuse issues, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), drug and alcohol addiction, and other mental health problems. Such therapy is not designed to replace more commonly used therapies.

Therapeutic horseback riding uses a therapeutic team, usually including a certified therapeutic riding instructor, two or more volunteers, and a horse, to help an individual ride a horse and work with it on the ground.

Hippotherapy usually involves an occupational therapist, a physiotherapist, or a speech and language therapist working with a client and a horse. Different movements of the horse present challenges to the rider to promote different postural responses of the rider. In essence, the horse influences the rider rather than the rider controlling the horse. The word "Hippotherapy" is also used in some contexts to refer to a broader realm of equine therapies.

Equine-assisted learning (EAL) is described as an "experiential learning approach that promotes the development of life skills ... through equine-assisted activities."

Equine-assisted psychotherapy (EAP) does not necessarily involve riding, but may include grooming, feeding and ground exercises. Mental health professionals work with one or more clients and one or more horses in an experiential manner to help the clients learn about themselves and others, while processing or discussing the client's feelings, behaviours, and patterns. The goal is to help the client in social, emotional, cognitive, or behavioral ways. Other terms for equine psychotherapy include Equine-facilitated psychotherapy (EFP), equine-assisted therapy (EAT), Equine Facilitated Wellness (EFW), Equine Facilitated Counselling (EFC) and Equine Facilitated Mental Health (EFMH).

Interactive vaulting involves vaulting activities in a therapeutic milieu.

Therapeutic carriage driving involves controlling a horse while driving from a carriage seat or from a wheelchair in a carriage modified to accommodate the wheelchair.

Equine-Assisted Activities (EAA) incorporates all of the above activities plus horse grooming, and stable management, shows, parades, demonstrations, and the like.

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    2016-12-13 by KK

I personally have not tried this but I have heard wonderful things about it. So my review is based on what I heard. The best part of this therapy is that this is holistic to the general well-being of children with any diagnoses. The other reason that prompted me to write this review is because I just watched a video from CNN Hero and was deeply touched. I'd like to go visit with the family Harry Swimmer and Misty Meadows Mitey Riders sometime soon. "That's what I wanted to do..." said Harry. "For 20 years, CNN Hero Harry Swimmer and his nonprofit have introduced hundreds of children with disabilities to the healing power of horses near Charlotte, N.C. http://www.cnn.com/2016/04/21/us/cnnheroes-harry-swimmer-mitey-riders-horse/index.html — with Misty Meadows Mitey Riders." "More than 20 years ago, Harry Swimmer witnessed the healing power of horses when he hoisted a young girl with cerebral palsy up onto his horse. Soon after, he decided to turn his lucrative for-profit horse farm into a nonprofit oasis for children with disabilities. Now 86 years young, Harry has provided free, certified equine-assisted therapy to more than 700 children with special needs." https://www.facebook.com/mistymeadowsmiteyriders/ The horseboy http://www.horseboymovie.com/ is extremely inspiring too.

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