ICAN’s Neurodevelopmental Approach

ICAN’s Neurodevelopmental Approach

ICAN was formed in 1999 as an association of Christian neurodevelopmentalists.

For over 40 years, the neurodevelopmental approach to working with learning, sensory, visual, mobility, fine motor, speech and language problems, etc. has been offering hope to parents seeking help for their children.

It does not matter whether a child has a label of ADD, ADHD, dyslexia, learning disabled, CAPD, PDD, autism, mental retardation, developmental delay, brain injured, Downs, CP... Improvement is possible.

The theory behind this work is based on the truths of neural plasticity (the ability of the brain to change and adapt), that function determines structure (the manner in which the brain is used impacts function and structure), and that function can be improved through specific stimulation of the central nervous system. Combined with information processing theory, we also relate function to the way individuals receive, process, store and utilize information.

The neurodevelopmental model is a powerful tool to evaluate and determine problem areas and provide hope for functional progress.

Neurodevelopmentalists are professionals trained in the neurodevelopmental approach who look at the causes of problems, and train the parents to work with their child at home on an individualized learning plan specific to the issues.

Source: icando.org


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