NACD Neurodevelopmental Home Programs

NACD Neurodevelopmental Home Programs

The National Association for Child Development (NACD), under the direction of founder Robert J. Doman Jr., has, over its thirty years of existence and work with over 30,000 clients, developed a unique and effective view of and approach to enhancing the development and function of children and adults.

The primary service that NACD provides is designing individual programs and empowering parents to help their children achieve their innate potential. This is accomplished through the “The Program.”

Families do not come to NACD for testing or assessment – they come to NACD for the “The Program.” Each “Program” designed by NACD represents the collective experience of a world of parents, educators, psychologists, physicians, and therapists – plus the twenty-nine-year “NACD Experience.”

Comprehending the uniqueness of the “NACD Experience” is in many ways the path to understanding the success of the “Program.”

Every NACD program is unique to the individual. There is no “formula program” to match a label. Techniques and strategies are designed to match the individual’s neurological inefficiencies. Issues such as behavior management and time constraints receive consideration as well. The NACD team works with the family or individual to continue customizing the program to result in maximum benefit as efficiently as possible.



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