NeuroNet Program

NeuroNet Program

NeuroNet began as a program to help struggling learners become independent learners. The program was developed by Nancy Rowe, an audiologist whose work centered around helping children improve their coordination of motor and cognitive skills in an educational environment that encourages self-evaluation and trial and error problem solving. NeuroNet is a research-based learning readiness program designed to help students develop core academic skills and become independent learners. NeuroNet exercises provide structured, sequential exercises for perceptual-motor development which lays the foundation for automating basic academic skills; e.g., handwriting, reading decoding, and math-fact retrieval. If basic academic skills of handwriting, reading decoding, and math-fact retrieval are not automated, it places greater demands on a child’s attentional-resources, which may lead to poor academic performance or behavioral and emotional problems.

Individualized NeuroNet programs can be used to help struggling learners who have not automated basic reading, writing and math skills during early childhood.



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