Special Needs Summer Camp

Special Needs Camp

Camps for children with special needs are designed to provide extra help for kids requiring physical, emotional, behavourial or medical support. Some camps integrate children with certain needs in their adapted programs, others are wholly focused on assisting campers with special needs and their facilities are adapted for their well-being.  

Some special needs camps focus on children with diseases such as cancer while many others offer programs specifically geared toward children with autism, learning disabilities such as ADHD or other challenges. In this specialized environment, kids can grow in new ways and view themselves differently. 

Whether the camp provides support staff or asks parents to have someone familiar and experienced attend and work closely with their child, families can rest assured that staff will be attentive to their needs as well as provide them an encouraging and fun environment to learn, grow and engage.

Kids who attend these kinds of specialty camps have the extra comfort and confidence of being with peers who have similar experiences and staff who understand their specific needs to fully support them and ensure an enjoyable time at camp.

Source: camps.ca; ourkids

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