The ALERT Program

The ALERT Program

The Alert Program® is a systematic approach to help children (if they are verbal and can be independent in self-regulation) or to help team members to be “detectives” to learn how to choose sensory supports (a sensory diet) needed for an individual’s highest functioning. The Alert Program®’s user-friendly vocabulary and step-by-step process enhances one’s own ability to self-regulate, as well as those we live with or work with.

“How Does Your Engine Run?”® The Alert Program® for Self-Regulation was developed by two Occupational Therapists in the United States and is now taught and used internationally! This program teaches children that their engines can run in high, low and just right and that all speeds are good but sometimes we need to be in a certain speed to get the job done. The Alert Program® provides children with the language and concepts to start the process of self-regulation. It teaches them strategies to help to change their engine speed so they can listen, learn and participate.



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