The Hanen Programs

The Hanen Programs

Hanen programs are largely based on the social interactionist model of language acquisition and, as such, emphasize an interactive approach to language intervention. Numerous studies in the field of language acquisition and communicative disorders have suggested that children learn best from their parents, in a naturalistic and familiar environment. As a result, Hanen programs instruct parents to be effective language facilitators, making use of everyday situations to encourage emergent literacy and language development in young children, rather than confining language intervention to clinical sessions. As such, the child is provided with an enriched language learning environment which constantly engages them, and provides the child with multiple opportunities to hear and learn language. Given this approach, language and literacy intervention take place constantly, while simultaneously strengthening the bond between parent and child.

The Hanen programs for parents include:

  • It Takes Two To Talk program
  • More Than Words program
  • TalkAbility program
  • Target Word program
  • I’m Ready! program



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