The Listening Program (TLP)

The Listening Program (TLP)

The Listening Program (TLP) is a music listening method, personalized to improve brain fitness at any age or level of ability.

Developed by Advanced Brain Technologies, The Listening Program is a music-based auditory stimulation method that “trains the brain” to help improve the auditory skills needed to effectively listen, learn and communicate, according to company information.

CDs include classical music by Bach, Vivaldi, Mozart, Corelli and others mixed with nature sounds intended to aid in spatial awareness and listening training. Advanced Brain Technologies says the program is particularly effective for improving auditory processing problems including short-term auditory memory and effective listening with background noise. The program is primarily for home use and for implementation in facilities such as schools and healthcare centers.

The Listening Program’s core program is typically administered five days per week for 15 to 30 minutes each day. The protocol lasts between eight to 16 weeks. Listeners might go through a second cycle to ensure they maintain their results, the company says, and some participants might even repeat the program a third time.

The Listening Program is comprised of psychoacoustically refined soundtracks. Specially selected, re-arranged, re-recorded classical music (featuring Mozart) and nature sounds have been processed in post-production with sophisticated sonic technologies. The Listening Program respectfully builds on the theories and clinical research of Dr. Alfred Tomatis, and other sound pioneers. Developed by an interdisciplinary team of educational, therapeutic, medical, music and sound professionals, The Listening Program helps to train the ear and brain to perceive a full spectrum of sound without distortion.



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