TOMATIS Method / The TOMATIS Effect

TOMATIS Method / The TOMATIS Effect

French ear, nose and throat specialist Dr. Alfred Tomatis connected listening to the development of receptive and expressive language, motor control, learning and motivation. Tomatis, through his work with opera singers and factory workers, recognized that the voice could only produce what the ear can hear, a principle known as “the TOMATIS effect.”

Building on this principle, Tomatis said that this improper functioning of the ear is the underlying reason for difficulty with learning, auditory processing, sensory integration, language comprehension or production and other related areas. In an effort to “reprogram” the ear, Tomatis developed an Electronic Ear which has several specific functions, including exercising and strengthening the muscles of the middle ear so it can filter out sounds and lower frequencies so that only the higher more stimulating frequencies are heard.

The TOMATIS devices are designed to establish a unique sound perception contrast. This effect causes the contraction and relaxation of the inner ear muscles. This to-and-fro movement is made possible by the sudden transition from lower, bass frequencies, which do not require any particular effort on the part of the ear, to higher, acute frequencies, which require the ear to make a special effort to accommodate. This activity is much like a gymnastic exercise for the ear, which, thanks to repeated activity and to the progressive mobilization of the ear, optimizes the transmission of the sensory sound message to the brain.



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